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Engage your target, before, during and after the event


Stimulate virality - Extend an event duration


Engage thousands of fans with an incentive to go the stadium

For the RBS 6 Nations final match, the Italian Rugby Federation chose Enbage to “engage” the fans. The project was composed of two different phases, with one gaming interaction dynamic that was published days before on the dedicated landing page and at the stadium.

To increase conversation on social networks and live off the media hype, one week before the event the Federation asked fans to “get in the mood” before the match.

the call to action was: Who'll score first? Who guessed correctly was granted a gift after the match.

Right before the match, the audience was able to make their bet with a free ring to one of the numbers popping up on screens and flyers.

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Thanks to a Lego-like strategy, the Federation engaged fans by creating a link between social media conversation and real-world event.