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Maximize the World Cup hype

Right before the Brazil 2014 World Cup, Enbage was chosen to support the launch of the Logitech Football Celebration Edition.
The game was clear: when buying one of the products and sending a text message with the code that was hidden under the packaging, contest players got a text message that told them if they had won one of the daily prizes. Those who didn’t win were asked to register on the dedicated landing page to enter the final competition and try to win a trip to Brazil.

we managed the campaign from scratch: from the contest draft, development and management, to event organization support, to graphic material realization.

Off- and online channels integration brought Logitech to choose Enbage as a partner for other two marketing projects with an innovative appeal: a selfie summer photocontest and a highly-shareable content giveaway.

Logitech plus

All projects have a common marker that makes them dear to the sales team: the focus is always on the product.