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Lead generation - database building- CRM.


Use the game to push consumers registration, building a customer database that the company can use fot its marketing operations.


Better manage waiting lines allowing everyone to book a medical appointment right on their device.

When there are a lot of people the company can refuel the database, seizing opportunities. Exhibitions, shopping centers and events are the right situations.
Tiare Shopping used a four lanes polistil racetrack to entertain its visitors and change them into leads.

Visitors drive the cars on the racetrack with their smartphone, they race and fight for the best lap. All that after their registration

Users connect to polistil racetrack wi-fi, they fill the forms and than they can play. The racetrack appearance and the competitive edge persuade the users to take part to the race, user-friendliness allows all to take part, increasing exponentially the leads.
A monitor shows the competitors’ lap times and the ranking is updated in real-time. In case of large turnout, our system shedules the rounds of the game and says to the users when it’s their turn.
Watch the video!

Tiare plus

The number of leads is directly proportional to visitors that are present at the event. The ease of use and the effective platform are the strenghts, 3.000 leads and 3.000 entertained people in a weekend is the most important outcome.