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Complexity made simple


What we do

Virtual Reality e Augmented Reality Development

Uqido, through its Hyper Reality Lab, designs and develops emotional and immersive VR and AR experiences. The development team employs the latest and most advanced technologies available on the market to achieve high-quality standards.
The capacity to ensure multi-sensory experiences makes Uqido’s products unmatched: not only sight and hearing but also sense of smell and touch are involved to immerse people in the virtual environment.
Uqido’s VR and AR experiences are used in multiple sectors: entertainment, tourism, healthcare, educational activities, design and no-profit.

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Ad hoc management software development

Closely development and developers’ know how allow Uqido to create products that could be integrated with the management software already in use in a simple and safe way. The ability to meet the customer requirements punctually and precisely, the high product customization, the software capability to fit in others management tools and the great expertise in this field make Uqido a reliable player in the software houses sector.

Innovative and measurable Digital Marketing tools

Uqido provides effective solutions to improve company-customer relationship. Highly customizable and adaptable to the client needs, these tools allow the following objectives: engagement, CRM, lead nurturing, in-store traffic, mobile engagement and, generally, digital media marketing. An interactive dashboard allows to measure ROI of each campaign, so the company can check the trends and invest in the most performing activity.

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App iOS, Android and Windows Phone development and management

Mobile apps constitute essential tools for the company-user communication and more and more companies use them. The made in Uqido app is really useful for the people, ensuring timely and hight-value perceived services. An example of excellence is SaniTap, the U.L.S.S. 16 of Padova app that allows a wide range of services to the citizens in a simple and immediate way, improving the quality of the experience.

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Biomedical R&S

The latest born in Uqido is a revolutionary dermatoscope for the moles screening. Thanks to a new generation lens designed ad hoc and an highly advanced image processing software, Uqido’s dermatoscope allows to the patients the moles self-screening and making immediately an initial analysis. Now the medical follow-up is easier and more sustainable. At all times, thanks to the tool, the doctor can analyze how moles evolve for a wide-ranging analysis, effective and efficient.

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Case history

Alcuni dei nostri clienti

Regione Veneto ACTV ULSS 16 ULSS 5 Logitech logo ITAS logo Eni logo Fir logo Audi logo Zed logo Marketing Arena logo IC-Intracom logo Interbrau logo Despar logo MiSiedo logo Lekkerland logo Profine logo Sorelle Ramonda logo Eismann logo Iveco logo SanDisk logo AMI Italia srl Sonepar Piovan Ariete

The team

Pier Mattia Avesani picture

Lateral Thinker
Brand Generator
Idea Converter

Pier Mattia
Alberto Silletti picture

Jedi Master
Productivity Keeper
Multitasking Manager

Daniel Pettenon picture

Young Padawan
Responsive Design Master

Enrico Boscolo picture

Pragmatic wandering knight of marketing
Curious company storyteller

Boscolo Sassariolo
Carlo Martinucci picture

Algorithm enthusiast
Ignite igniter
Riddle master

Riccardo Surpi picture

Chewbacca of the digital hinterland
Vocal setting master
Bass hero

Marco Mardegan picture

Mobile Boba Fett
Injection Hero
Swift Ninja

Valentino Bononi picture

Ideator of Impossible
Shifu Master of V.R. (Vale Realizations)
Eclectic Hakuna Matata

Emanuela Achilli picture

3D Problem solver

Giacomo Garoffolo picture

Sound Creator
Procedural Audio Enthusiast
Binaural Ninja

Antonio Ruggiero picture

Good Things Programmer
Exotic languages Explorer
Dinosaur Positioner

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